Chapa Trey.png

Trey Chapa

Birthday: November 26th

Home Parish: St. Peter Catholic Student Center, Waco

Level of Formation: I Theology

Seminary: St. Mary Seminary

I was raised in Beeville and moved to the Diocese of Austin when I entered Baylor University in 2010. I went to study film and digital media and it was my time here that led me to turn my life over to Jesus Christ. I joined the Knights of Columbus council at St. Peter Catholic Student Center and attended Bear Awakening my freshman year. On this retreat I went to confession for the first time in years and had an encounter with our Lord in the Eucharist during Adoration. At this time I was not a faithful Catholic, I did not know what to believe about my faith, but I saw Jesus Christ fully present in the Eucharist and decided that I wanted Jesus and if He was present in the Catholic Church, then this is where I needed to be.

I continued to be formed through my college years by good friends and the FOCUS missionaries who taught me the importance of daily prayer and sharing my faith. After graduating in 2014, I spent two years working as a FOCUS Missionary at Missouri State University and The University of Texas at Tyler. My time with FOCUS opened my heart to serving the faithful and I wanted to serve them in the most radical way possible, which was the diocesan priesthood.

After two years of studying at St. Joseph Seminary College, I have learned how much the Lord is calling me to love as a priest. It is a love that is both attractive and terrifying, but with His grace I am being transformed into a man after His own heart. I am looking forward to continuing with formation at St. Mary’s Seminary next year. Please continue to pray for me and the rest of the seminarians as we discern God’s will for us.