Thanksgiving after Holy Communion (Jr. Society)

Dear Jesus, I believe that You are present within my heart. You said, “This is My Body and My Blood.” I know that You love me and want to be with me.

From my heart I thank you for all You have given to me—my life, my parents, my health, Baptism, my Catholic Faith, protection—all that I have! Make me more grateful still.

Generous Lord, I ask for still more. Please protect my soul and body. Be good to those I love. Let me love You more every day. I ask You this special favor (mention it to Jesus). Watch over me and make me good and happy.

Jesus, I promise to receive You as often as I can in Holy Communion. Is there something special that You want me to do for You?

(Pause here and think of what Jesus might want to tell you.)

I love You, Jesus. Amen.