Preciado Sergio.png

Sergio Preciado

Birthday: April 20th

Home Parish: St. Mary Catholic Center, College Station

Level of Formation: I Theology

Seminary: St. Joseph Seminary

I was born and raised in Laredo, TX. After high school, I attended Texas A&M University in College Station. It took five years for me to complete my studies instead of the usual four years, but it was definitely worth it to spend an extra year in Aggieland. I am extremely thankful for all the wonderful friends and experiences I had there; however, I am most grateful for all the gifts that I received from St. Mary’s Catholic Student Center. Thanks to the different communities at St. Mary’s, I was able to encounter the Lord during my time in school.

Unfortunately after I graduated from college and spent some time working, I gradually began to drift away from my relationship with Jesus; thankfully, attending Mass kept me close to Him. Desiring to be closer to Jesus, I decided to open my heart which moved me into praying and trusting more on God, and I eventually found myself being lead into applying for seminary. With His grace and the help from friends and family, I finished my application and then was accepted as a seminarian for the diocese in 2016. Ever since then, I have begun a journey of following after Jesus through His Body the Church.

I am about to finish my 2nd year of Pre-Theology at St. Joseph Seminary College in Covington, LA. My one and a half years in seminary have been challenging but also full of Joy. I continue to learn and allow myself to be formed by the seminary staff, priests, and religious, and yet I recognize that all this would be impossible without the support and prayers of the many families that make up the Church. I especially want to thank the families of the diocese for sustaining my brother seminarians and me in our efforts to form a priestly heart.