Sebastian Twesigomwe

Birthday: July 20th

Home Parish: Emmaus, Lakeway

Level of Formation: Pastoral year

Seminary: St. Mary's Seminary, Houston

Pastoral Year Assignment: St. Mary Cathedral, Austin

I can do all things, through him who strengthens me
— Philippians 4:1

I was born and raised in a small town called Nyabitusi, in Uganda (East Africa). I am one of 9 siblings, 6 boys and 3 girls. I am the third oldest, with two older brothers, Innocent and Lawrence, who are both married with 4 and 2 children respectively. I moved to United States in the summer of 2008, after completing 6 years of high school seminary in Uganda.

I joined St. Joseph Seminary College in Covington, LA from the fall of 2008 to May 2012. I graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts with a major in Philosophy. I joined St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston in the fall of 2012. After further Discernment, I returned to Uganda where I completed a Master’s of Science in Public Health. I returned to formation with the diocese of Austin in spring 2015, at St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston, where I have completed my second year of Theology.

I am currently on pastoral year at St. Mary Cathedral downtown. In the summer prior to the beginning of my pastoral year, I completed a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Seton family of hospitals, during which I was assigned to Dell Children’s hospital. The experience at Dell Children’s was an immense opportunity for growth in service especially to the most vulnerable people of God. While this experience enabled me to grow, it was also a remarkable booster in my faith, and the power of prayer. This experience awakened an even more deep love for the priesthood, having witnessed the power of the sacrament of anointing of the sick/ healing. Combining the experience of CPE and my pastoral year so far, I have come to appreciate further and realize on another level the joy and the ministry of the priest.