Deacon Henry Cuellar Jr

A Prayer During Darkness

This is a poem that I wrote one day when I felt as though I was in darkness.  It has helped me to pray with it when my prayer feels dry.


The light of the flame that brought me here now begins to dull and I feel lost

My prayer was once as sweet as honey, now it feels like a tart of pure sourness

How God am I to continue with you if I am but a lazy man

I struggle now more than ever because it seems as though you are now silent and not speaking!

What happened to our loving conversations where you would tell me how much you loved me!

Have we now become so apart that you can’t stand me?

No, I refuse to believe that you no longer wish to see me.  

I am your child, your son!

Help me Father!

Hear me as I yell to you for help!

My light has dimmed but yet I continue.

My struggles have increased yet I will go on!

My cross gets heavier, yet I will carry on!

My words are scarce yet I will pray!

Father, my Father!

Do with me what you must yet give me the ability to always pray and fight temptation and the strength to withstand!