"Today, In Your Hearing..."

To be honest, I don’t give much thought to “today.” I’m often planning for tomorrow or reflecting on yesterday. As for today, I just go with it. I tackle the things on my to-do list. I show up for my appointments. I try my hardest to keep up the habits I’ve developed. Today just takes care of itself.

It’s not until I stop what I’m doing and recognize God, present to me today, that I hear him telling me, “today this scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing.” I find my heart responding “what scripture passage?” And then there’s silence. Not because the Lord didn’t hear my question. He doesn’t keep silent to question my intentions. There’s silence because I already know the answer and He knows that I know the answer.

Mary Magdalene knew the answer too. That’s why after the angel instructs her to not be afraid and to go tell the other disciples the Good News, she runs “fearful yet overjoyed.” It’s easy to connect with Mary in her fearfulness. What were the others going to say? Would they believe her? What if she was stopped along the way by those who schemed to kill Jesus?

Our hearts, however, long to connect with the over-abundance of joy she experienced in that exact moment. I can just image how present she was to her “today” after realizing her Lord - my Lord and our Lord - had been raised from the dead. Her heart (and quite possibly her voice) was exclaiming “in my hearing, the scriptures have been fulfilled today!” That, my friends, is a pure example of vocation.

The gift of self to others, that they may know of the resurrection of Jesus and thus our invitation to an eternal life of joy, is the heart of a vocation. Priests give this witness to those entrusted to them within their parish or ministry. Married men and women witness this to their spouse and their families. Men and women living the consecrated single life witness this to their communities. Religious brothers and sisters witness this to their communities and to those in their apostolic works. This unites all vocations and therefore the entire church in a life of joy, hope and true fulfillment.

If you’re praying for your vocation, ask the Lord for the grace to be aware of Him in your “today.”

If you’re praying for the vocations of others, ask the Lord for the grace to witness to the joy of a life given to others.