“Recovery of Sight to the Blind”

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Jesus proclaims himself in the synagogue as the One who comes in God’s name “to proclaim...recovery of sight to the blind.”  In his ministry, he fulfills that prophecy by healing those afflicted by physical blindness, as in the story we pray with today.  Yet, as with all of Jesus’ miracles of healing, this physical restoration of sight is a sign of his mission to remove spiritual blindness--as he makes clear in John’s story of the healing of the man born blind (Jn 9).  The beauty of this story is that even before the blind man receives his sight, he has the spiritual sight to see Jesus as the Messiah--that’s what the title “Son of David” means. Though physically blind, he recognizes Jesus for who he really is--thus Jesus’ words to him:  “your faith has saved you.”

Jesus wants to restore our sight, to help us to recognize who he really is--and all he, and his Father, want to do for us.  Jesus’ question to the blind man, “What do you want me to do for you?” is addressed to each of us. The blindness that he wants to remove is the blindness that prevents us from seeing what we really want, what our hearts most deeply desire.  The gift of faith he wants to give us is to ask for it, with the confidence that God desires only to give us good things. His desires for us are so much deeper than our own. Jesus wants to give us that grace to trust that.

If you are discerning your own vocation, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the desires of your own heart, and to give you the courage to present them honestly to the Lord.  The more your heart is centered in Christ, the more your own desires will align with God’s--which means that your own desire will point you to God’s desires for you! As you ask him what He wants of you, ask Him to open your eyes, to give you the gift of faith and help you to trust in what He wants for you.

If you are praying for those discerning their vocation, pray that the Lord open their eyes and show them honestly their own desires, and help them to live more deeply in Him, so that their desires align with His.  Pray that any spiritual blindness that prevents them from trusting in what God wants to do for them will be removed.