"The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me"

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Who is Jesus?  The disciples that encountered him walking by were given the simple invitation, “Come and see.”  In St. Luke’s telling, Jesus began his preaching in his hometown synagogue by quoting the prophet Isaiah, who himself was referring to the “servant of the Lord”:  “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me.” In other words, Jesus reveals himself as the one in whom the Holy Spirit is on full display, the one anointed by the Spirit--the Christ, the Messiah.  To know Jesus is to know the Anointed One, the One on whom the Spirit of the Father rests, the One sent by the Father. In other words, Jesus identifies himself in terms of relationship.  He is the one who comes from God in order to lead us into the very life of God.

He sends us in the power of His Spirit to be Christ in the world.

You and I, too, as baptized Christians, can identify ourselves as those who have been anointed by the Spirit and sent.  God has called us by name, called us His beloved, and He sends us in the power of His Spirit to be Christ in the world. That’s what it means for us to be Christians--we are the anointed ones, “little Christs” in the world.  

Our Christian vocation is simply a particular living out of that fundamental calling.  In order to discover it, we have to know Jesus, to “come and see,” to allow him to reveal the Father to us, and to reveal us to ourselves.  The more we come to know him, and ourselves in him, the more we will discover who we are made to be.

If you are discerning your own vocation, get to know Jesus more.  If you are praying for those discerning, pray that they will come to know Jesus more.  Share with those you know, particularly those who might be called to priesthood or religious life, how Jesus has worked in your life, and how you see Jesus at work in them.  And pray that they will know themselves as those whom the Father has loved, called His own, anointed with His Spirit, and sent out to be the image of His Son in the world.