Justin Lapeyra

Birthday: June 6th

Home Parish: Christ the King Parish, Belton

Level of Formation: III College

Seminary: St. Joseph Seminary College

I was born in Miami, Florida in 1996. I moved around alot growing up and landed in Belton in 2010, at the age of 14. It was at Christ the King Parish, where I found a deeper devotion to the Catholic faith. I found this devotion through the youth group at the parish. It was there that I encountered the love of Christ, through my friends, the parishioners, and the priest. The parish felt more like a family, more so than just a place to attend Mass out of a mere obligation. Through the youth group I found a passion to live out my new-found faith, and to share my experience with others so that they too, might know the love of God, which I had come to know. I sought to further this passion by pursuing a career in youth ministry. After I graduated high school I attended the University of Dallas in order to further my Catholic education and to pursue my ambitions. After a year at UD, I transferred to Franciscan University at Steubenville. During the summer between the two schools, I took a job as a Totus Tuus missionary in Charlotte, North Carolina. This job entailed teaching kids from 1st-12th grade about their faith. One day, about half-way through the summer, I went to confession and made a holy hour. It was during this holy hour where I felt a call to the priesthood. I pursued this call while I was attending Franciscan University and contacted the vocations director for our diocese. The next year, I entered seminary and I am now in my third year of philosophy studies at St. Joseph Abbey and Seminary College in Covington, Louisiana. These past couple years at seminary have been some of the most formative years in my life. I have developed a deeper understanding and devotion to the Catholic faith, while I have worked at becoming a more mature Christian man.

Thank you for all of your love, prayers, and support.