Cabrera Justin.png

Justin Cabrera

Birthday: February 2nd

Home Parish: Christ the King, Belton

Level of Formation: II College

Seminary: Holy Trinity Seminary

I was originally born in Manilla, Philippines. My family and I moved to Nebraska not too long after I was born. After living in Nebraska for a while, my mom received an job offer in Temple and this is where my family lived ever since.

Growing up, I was always fascinated with superhero movies and Heroic movies, in general. Even the “team” aspect of football and choir really energized me. The compassion and selflessness of those heroes really formed in me, a desire to help and protect others. My faith was very lukewarm up until my sophomore year of highschool, so I had no idea that priests could be heroic.

After highschool, I wanted to study medicine or do mission work, because that's where I believed I could nurture this desire to help others. However, the more and more I fell in love with the Church, I started to develop a great appreciation for the priest. The parishioners in my home parish and the people I was closest to started to see that I had a vocation to the priesthood. After a couple years of discerning, my love for the Church and the Priesthood has only expanded. I am proud to be a seminarian for the Diocese of Austin.

I will be finishing up my first year of college seminary at Holy Trinity Seminary this Spring! The seminary has been a wonderful adventure so far and I can’t wait to see the plan God has for my life!