Minke Isaiah.png

Isaiah Minke

Birthday: November 26th

Home Parish: St. Thomas Aquinas, College Station

Level of Formation: II College

Seminary: Holy Trinity Seminary

I was born and raised in Bryan/College Station in a loving Catholic family and parish. When I was 13 years old I starting growing into my faith as a committed disciple of Jesus Christ. I began learning the faith through apologetics, and I learned how to pray from the various traditions of the Saints. In the midst of this discipleship I felt subtle hints towards the priesthood.

I discovered that I loved theology and philosophy, and I loved teaching the faith. From these stirrings I took concrete actions of discernment throughout my highschool years. Our diocesan discernment events like Project Andrew and the Heart of Jesus retreat were great helps for me. We are truly blessed to have these opportunities in our diocese! As I discerned, the call was strengthened until I felt that this wasn’t merely something God wanted of me but also a desire he had put in my heart. I wanted to be a priest. Now, in seminary, I continue to follow that call wherever it leads, and I’ve found great joy and peace.

Please keep praying for us seminarians.