Blogs by Deacon Henry

Deacon Henry
Cuellar, Jr.

Birthday: May 4th

Home Parish: Santa Barbara, Austin

Level of Formation: VI Theology / Transitional Deacon

Seminary: St. Mary, Houston

I was born and raised in Austin. My parents are Henry and Martha, who have been married for over 30 years and I am the oldest of their four children. My home parish is Santa Barbara Catholic Church in Hornsby Bend, where I served many years in various ministries before entering seminary. I graduated from Manor High School in Manor, Texas in 2002 and began to study Social Work and Psychology.  I worked for four years as a social worker in Austin ISD and Manor ISD.

Since a young age I felt an attraction to the priesthood, but never had the courage to enter until I turned 24 years old, that is when I entered seminary in the fall of 2008 at St. Joseph’s Abbey and Seminary College in Covington, Louisiana.  In 2013, I graduated with my Bachelors of Art degree majoring in Philosophy and began my theological studies for my Masters of Divinity degree at St. Mary’s Seminary in 2013.

In May of 2017, I was ordained a Transitional Deacon for the diocese and, God willing, will be ordained a Priest of Jesus Christ for the diocese in the near future.

Seminary life has had it’s low and high points, but overall, great joy and is an experience I will never trade.  Truly, with a heart filled with gratitude to God and the people of the Diocese of Austin, I look forward to serving the church of Central Texas for the rest of my life.