Odom Alex.png

Alex Odom

Birthday: February 15th

Home Parish: St. Catherine of Siena, Austin

Level of Formation: Parish Assignment - St. Mary's Cathedral, Austin

Seminary: St. Joseph Seminary College

I was born in Austin to Larry and Beth Odom in February 1993. I am the third child of ten. Soon after I was born, my parents started homeschooling and getting more involved in church activities. I joined the youth group at the parish as soon as I was old enough and began going to youth events in the diocese with them. It was at the Diocesan Catholic Youth Conference (DCYC) that I first really encountered the faith in a meaningful way. After that, I was drawn more closely to the church and her mysteries and my call to the priesthood began to be heard.

After finishing high school and dual credit courses, I openly sought entering seminary but was told to spend a couple years outside my parents’ house before applying. After two years of college I applied to the seminary but was asked to finish my degree and reapply afterwards. Three years later, I reapplied and was sent to St. Joseph Seminary College in St. Benedict, LA. These past two years as a seminarian have been the best and most transformative years of my life and I look forward to what God has in store for the rest of it.